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Nurturing Your Team - with Joy Studer - on 29 April at 9am PST Friday, 29 April 2022, 09:00 to 10:30

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Nurturing your Team

In a world of keeping busy and serving others, volunteers often get drained, leave the program and avoid ever volunteering their time and skills again. How can we lift them up to better take care of their relationship with God while helping them maintain their passion for the important work they do in Godly Play classrooms? Learn how to nurture your team of volunteers with Joy Studer to create a healthy and happy programme that will last.”

Short and sweet Bio:
JoyStuder, of Lake Stevens, WA, USA, has been sharing her passion forGodly Play since 2014. Helping grow programs at over 15 different locations she enjoys giving everyone an enthusiasm boost around theirprogram and getting “back to our roots” of why we love Godly Play and why it works.